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What is this toolkit about? This advocacy toolkit is designed to support the Children’s Agenda members and other civil society organisations (CSOs) in Tanzania to plan and implement effective advocacy. The aim is to advance and protect children’s rights. It builds on the set of tools and guidance presented in UNICEF’s Advocacy Toolkit (2010)1 and adapts it to the Tanzanian context. It is based on the experience and knowledge of the Children’s Agenda. Who is this toolkit for? The advocacy toolkit is intended as a resource for all CSOs, including members of the Children’s Agenda, in Tanzania. It contains a set of practical tools and guidance useful for the development and management of child rights advocacy in Tanzania. These tools will be useful for anyone who wants to expand their understanding of a structured approach to sustained and effective advocacy. The collective experience and knowledge found in this advocacy toolkit will help build stronger bridges and alliances between child rights advocates in Tanzania.

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